Tips on How To Create A Game Room At Your Basement

Tips on How To Create A Game Room At Your Basement

There’s nothing more exciting than having your own game room right at the comforts of your own home. This is why we consulted with a calgary basement renovator to achieve the dream my husband and I have always had. Our basement is damp, dark and not being used since we moved in. But now our kids are teenagers and we want them to have a hangout space so that they can invite their friends over, we thought a game room is the best transformation to look at. Here are some of our tips if you also plan on taking on this renovation project:


  1. Find a common interest.

Just because it is called a game room does not mean it will only be used by the kids. Before we decided on which games to fill the room with, we had a talk on what our common interests are. Surprisingly, everyone wanted a billiard table and a little corner to play computer games with. Finding a common interest prior to any renovation will build a general idea of how the layout of the space will be and how possible it is to add more items.


  1. Decide on the theme.

A traditional game room needs to be filled with trophies and medals to showcase how athletic a family is; this is not the case with our family. We were not athletic or competitive people, and we just wanted a plain game room. Instead of certificates and medals, we decided to hang all our travel photos to give that warm vibe of the room. I think deciding on a theme before even trying to design the layout or plan is best because you build up the idea of it becoming a space for everyone.


  1. Layout a plan.

You can call a designer for this, but I think it’s also okay to have to draw things yourself. Do a perimeter check and layout the things you want to fit in your basement; this will give you a general idea of how much stuff you can still put. In our case, half of the game room also served as a gym or workout area since there was enough space for the equipments.


  1. Call in the professionals.

If you’re planning on installing air conditioning, it’s best to have it checked and installed by the professionals. You do not want to mess up the whole HVAC system just because you were trying to save some money. Same with electrical wirings, instead of having to self study and risk your life by installing switches and outlets, call a professional and they will be able to do all the things needed.


  1. Finish with the whole family.

The best part of the renovation project is the finishing stage, where you get to paint and hang all the decorative details of the room. Make this a family activity and your kids will be able to treasure and appreciate the space more because they themselves invested time and effort on its transformation.


The basement must not be looked at as just a storage space or a utility space, it is a whole floor level waiting to be renovated and transformed into something you can use. A game room is only one option you can consider, but always look at what your family wants more so that the new space will really be utilized by every family member.